We work on projects we can dive deep into, 
sometimes without checking the water.


Victoria University

We were first approached by Victoria University to discuss some opportunities around creating an accelerator model for the University. In typical Roshambo fashion we spent some time getting to know the students, academics and admin staff to interrogate the needs and desires of such.

We quickly discovered a few key insights that redefined our body of works based around the latent needs from the community. We then spent some time arguing (nicely) around the Roshambo table to uncover the entry point and define the core of the issues at hand while working closely with the exeutive team at VU.

We are proud to work with such a supportive organisation, and to continue to develop, test and refine solutions around the rapidly changing education system. 


Community Classrooms

All around the world universities are struggling to maintain relevance. The rise of student debts, MOOC’s and graduate un(der)employment all contribute to a changing and increasingly competitive education landscape. Why would you commit to debt to get skills you can pick up elsewhere without the guarantee of a cushy job?

Of course, this is a gross oversimplification of reality. In truth, the years spend at a university are still forming years for the vast majority of students. And as we have discovered first hand, there are some truly incredible people involved in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and preparing the future generations for success.

Unfortunately, most of these amazing people and their expertise stay hidden behind the walls of the university.

By opening a unique community classroom in a prime location of Yarraville we break down barriers. The initiative distills the gems of wisdom from the university in practical and accessible short courses.

What we did?
Reinvented the age-old university model.


Youth Entrepreneurs.

Starting a business has never been easier. Achieving success and effectively contributing to the local community however is getting harder and harder in an increasingly complex world. And how do we ensure the sustainability of our economy when for the first time in Australian history the current generation will be worse of than their parents?

A tailored program driven by Roshambo's unique approach, which empowers the youth in the north to cut through the complexity, start making an impact and ensure a sustainable future for a region.

What we did?
Provide entrepreneurial pathways for Melbourne's youth.


The Hanger.

The days that a tertiary qualification was all that was needed for a lifetime of gainful employment are over. Today’s highly competitive industries require more than just showing up.

More than half of the students that graduate struggle to find fulltime employment. What separates the winners from the losers in this rapidly changing environment?

A unique stimulator truly preparing students for success in the exponential age. The Hanger cuts across both curricular and extra-curricular activities, providing opportunities for students at all times.

What we did?
Build curiosity, courage and resilience.